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Ad content cannot contain the following:

Your ads, no matter what you’re promoting, cannot constitute or contain themes relating to:

  • Illegal drugs
  • Explicit Sexuality
  • Hate and harassment
  • Violence, death, or shock
  • Copyright or trademark infringement
  • Poor image quality or user experience
  • Encouragement of cigarettes or tobacco use
  • Fraudulent, deceptive, expired, or misleading claims

Safety and trust: 

We care about our users, and you should too. Never promote any unsafe products, services, messages, or activities. And don’t do things that everyone knows are bad, like distributing or promoting spam, harmful code, malware, or phishing schemes. You’ve obviously not going to do those things, and if the thought even occurred to you then you can take your scurrilous machinations elsewhere.

Integrity and honesty: 

All advertising should display the highest standard of integrity and transparency. You should be honest to a fault.


Note that, due to the dynamic nature of native advertising, certain elements of the ad may not always appear (including but not limited to, the image or the description). Ad text may be shortened based on the space available, the device it’s being viewed on, the context in which it appears, or other requirements. Advertisers are responsible for confirming that any required text is present on the ad’s landing page or creative as applicable.

Pricing and Price Claims

An offer made in an ad or on a landing page must be genuine, accurate, clear to users, without material omission and cannot misrepresent the reality of the offer. Bait advertising is not allowed. All price claims made in an ad must be clearly and accurately substantiated on the landing page. Ads/landing pages must only state that a product or service is “free”, “complimentary” or similar when the the user will not incur any incidental cost in redeeming the offer for such product or service. A product or service may not be advertised as “free” or “complimentary” if this statement is contradicted in fine print elsewhere in the ad/landing page. Ads or landing pages that contain “free”, “complimentary” or synonymous offers must clearly and conspicuously disclose on the ads and landing pages the pertinent terms and conditions of the offer to users before they make their purchase.

Mainly, just don’t lie. Should be easy. You’re in advertising, after all.

Any offer made in an ad, or on a landing page, must be genuine, accurate, and clear to our users. No material omission, no misrepresenting the reality of the offer. No bait advertising. No being a sneak.

“Free” offers that include the following must be obviously disclosed to the user before a purchase:

  • Recurring charges (subscriptions, contracts, negative option pricing, or other continuing costs) or
  • Additional costs to receive the promoted product or service (fees, bundled products, deposit requirements or other one-time charges)

Cryptocurrency Policy

Subject to advance approval by crypt000, ads for cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets may be permitted to run on crypt000.

As part of our approval process, you may be required to submit certain company, registration, and licensing information about your business. If approved, ads must comply with all relevant legal requirements, including any local legal requirements, and ensure all ads and landing pages comply with our ad policies.  And no, you may not pay for your campaign with cryptocurrency

Are there any crypto categories for which you don’t accept ads? Yes. At this time, other crypto-related products and services, including but not limited to initial coin offerings (ICOs), contracts for difference (CFDs), and binary options are prohibited. 

Ads promoting adjacent products, such as blockchain technology, or cryptocurrency industry news, events, and merchandise, may advertise as long as the ad otherwise adheres to our ad policies.


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